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  Xinflix Group of Companies have obtained local English station broadcast license.  There will be 120 local English channels plus a number of television stations from Hong Kong and Taiwan will be broadcast in our IPTV boxes.

Xinflix QQ online service number:2517055438, all of friends joining us will be very welcome!

Xinflix welcome iTalkBB, Itv, KylinTv and Charming China customers to use our unlimited internet service..

Xinflix sincerely remind customers not to purchase non-copyrighted black market tvbox from china!

We are extending our office hours to 14 hours per day from Monday to Friday 9am to 10pm EST. starting Jan 7,2013!

New cable user notification:  You must pick up the modem before the date of installation and make sure the modem is online after the installation. In addition you must answer the incoming call from the cable installer and ask them to tag the cable for TPIA.


Start from $32.95


  • Please call:
  • 1-888-946-3549



  • Free call in USA
  • Free call in Canada

Zazeen TV is here!

Start from $29.95

  • Local English Channels
  • Best Chinese channels
  • All legally authorized

CGCTV  is  on   

trial broadcasting

  • 23 TV Stations Legally Authorized
  • All Mandarian


Xinflix Super Bundle


  • Unlimited High Speed Internet
  • Xinflix HD TV(Chinese Content only)
  • Phone Package(Canada and US Free Calling)
  • $48.95/Month