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Streaming Channels Commercial

Are you planning on releasing a new commercial but are looking for a way to show the world? Do you already have one in circulation but are looking for alternative methods beyond standard television?

During the streaming of live channels, Xinflix members can be shown your commercial when they immediately connect and after specific intervals of time. Depending on your advertising needs, Xinflix would like to meet yours!

Please contact a Xinflix agent for more information on getting your commercial aired during a Xinflix broadcast.

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Vod Interface Banners

While viewers are navigating the Xinflix video on-demand service they are presented with a number of screens designed with specially placed banner advertisement. This is a great solution to bring your billboard advertisement into the house.

Not every company has a commercial to give their company, product or service exposure. With this option, Xinflix guarantees that our viewers will be presented with your advertisement as they select what they want to watch.

For more information on having your banner advertisement broadcasted please contact a Xinflix agent.

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Xinflix Magazine Ad. + WeChat Pushing

Every month, Xinflix will release a printed companion to help guide our viewers through their daily entertainment. Xinflix magazine will provide information on upcoming television specials, new release movies and channel information.

Place your advertisement in our magazine and you will have your message, product and/or service delivered to all Xinflix clients every month through our magazine. For more information on ad-space or print opportunities with Xinflix magazine, please contact a Xinflix agent.

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Xinflix Event Sponsorshop

Xinflix will be holding public events in the future to increase public awareness about our great products. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity and want to get your company name involved in our public outreach events, sponsoring Xinflix is the perfect way to do just that.

There are many ways for a company to sponsor a Xinflix event. For more information on becoming a Xinflix sponsor, please contact a Xinflix agent.

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