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A Cable RF ticket is meant for customers who have No Sync.

Install Completed by Carrier Technician

If the customer never saw a technician it's possible the installation itself was not completed and this would be the source of the issue.

Check with the customer if they saw a technician at any point.

Intermittent or Permanent RF

If you do not indicate what kind of issue the customer is having Rogers assumes it's a permanent issue and will close the ticket. If the issue is marked intermittent and the customer does not confirm the correct light statuses dropping proving the intermittent RF issue on an open-ended question, then the connectivity loss is likely not signaling related.

Check with the customer. If modem levels are within range and customer is unable to confirm the correct lights dropping proving the RF issue then connectivity issues should be investigated on a non signaling basis: DNS or Connect Cant Browse intermittent with a Speedtest file sent to the customer to quantify the connectivity problem.

1 minute Powercycle

Some issues occur because something in the modem's firmware have crashed or because of the way the modem is connected to Rogers' system. A long powercycle can clear many issues up right away.

Have the customer unplug the power from the modem for 1 minute.

Was the modem location moved since install

If the customer has relocated the modem, it's possible the outlet it was moved to is faulty or that there is a splitter at the point where that outlet connects to the rest of the wiring. Always find out if the customer moved the hardware as that may be the source of the issue. Many carriers keep track of coax outlets a modem was installed at. Videotron is an example. Some carriers have a charge involved for providing working and reliable service at a different coax outlet.

Check with the customer.

Is there any coax splitters before the modem

Coaxial cable splitters need to be of a certain quality to avoid interfering with the signal for the Internet. If the customer has a lower quality splitter, this will cause an RF issue.

Have the customer follow the coax cable from the modem to the wall to see if there is a splitter somewhere on the cable.

Confirmed that the modem is NOT in standby mode

If the modem is in standby mode, the service will not work.

Ask the customer to verify if the "Standby" light on the modem is solid. For RCA Thomson 425 modem ask the customer which lights are on, if only the "PC Link" and "Cable Link" lights are solid, this modem is in standby.

Attempted Modem factory reset

This step is requested by the carrier in order to open a repair ticket. Often it will release and renew all the information located in the modem and make the service work better.

Have the customer put the modem on Standby mode and login to the interface

Is the clients Cable T.V working

If the customer's cable TV cut out at the same time as their cable internet, this usually indicates a physical break in the line and means the issue will generally get repaired quickly. We do still escalate an RF ticket in case it is only this one customer's line that is affected, the customer can also escalate to the cable provider for the TV issue as well.

Ask the customer to verify if their cable TV service is working.

Did the Customer place a request to Cancel their Cable T.V

If the customer has cancelled their Cable TV, it is possible the technician applied a filter to the line (if it was not properly tagged) which would prevent the internet from working as well. How?
Ask the customer.

What are the customer's modem levels?

The carriers require this information in order to investigate the issue. This gives our carrier information on the signal received by the line connected to the modem.

You will need to get the customer to login to the modem and verify the modem level

Required Information

Light Status

Whenever you are escalating an issue for cable, always include the light status for the modem. This light status can confirm the issue or indicate what the issue is. Refer to the appropriate light status guide: Motorola SB510X or DCM425.

Motorola SB510X







RCA Thomson DCM425


PC Link:

Cable Link:

Cable Activity:


RCA Thomson DCM475






Modem Information

Always gather this information directly from the customer's modem and confirm it with what is active in the portal and their DAS account.




Availability / Contact Info

Please be aware if this a Cable C customer(Videotron) please ensure that you call a Videotron technician to ensure that it is an RF issue. If it is confirmed the technician will book the appointment with you on the phone. Then please make sure you note the ticket with the date and time that was provided to you by the technician in your ticket.

Always get the customer's contact information, especially in cases where they have a bundle as the home phone number will not work. Also keep in mind some providers (Shaw) want 3 different possible dispatch dates and times, append that information to these tickets.

The timeslots applicable to each carrier are available from the cable repairs page (click on the carrier on the Technical Support page).

"***Confirming the understanding" is important, make sure to emphasize the importance of the customer being reachable by phone at the timeslots provided. They may be advised that some carriers reserve the right not to show for a repair if access is difficult and contacting the customer is unsuccessful.

Contact Number(Non-VOIP):

Customer availability (2 days after today's date & requires 3):

1st Availability: Date / Timeslot to specific carrier

2nd Availability: Date / Timeslot to specific carrier

3rd Availability: Date / Timeslot to specific carrier


***Confirm understanding that the customer will receive a call prior to the appointment to confirm their availability. If the call is not answered, the appointment will be cancelled:

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