Slow Speeds
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Slow Speeds



A Slow Speeds ticket should be opened for customers who are experiencing Slow Speeds (not caused by neighborhood activity). If a customer is calling for a follow up and a level 1 technician is unsure on how to proceed with the client the technician may transfer the client to the L2 queue and advise the client of the callback feature.



Install Completed by Carrier Technician

Many times customers may have payment or billing issues, or installations have not been completed yet, which would imply that there is not a technical issue with the service, but actually an administrative one.

Access the 3web portal and search for the customer's account. Once you have the customer's account open you will see the account status on the Service Details tab anything other than a green "Active" indicates the install has not been completed, or the service is not ready to be used.

Customer is isolated PC to Modem

Routers or other switches will not give the modem's ip address through ipconfig, and will alter the speed test results that are attempted.

Have the customer trace the Ethernet cable that is connected to the back of their cable modem and ensure that it connects directly to their PC.

Customer uses Torrents/P2P

Torrents/P2P downloads are known to use a large amount of bandwidth and dramatically increase ping times and are the culprit of many VoIP and Slow Speed issues. Ensuring that these are disabled will return the most accurate results for troubleshooting.

Simply ask the customer if they do any sort of downloading on their home network with any of their PCs.

1 minute Powercycle

Doing this will ensure the IP address is renewed and fresh connections are made to the network.

Unplug the power cable directly from the back of the cable modem and leave it unplugged for 1 minute.

Attempted Modem factory reset

This step is requested by the carrier in order to open a repair ticket. Often it will release and renew all the information located in the modem and make the service work better.

Have the customer put the modem on Standby mode and login to the interface

What are the customer's modem levels?

The carriers require this information in order to investigate the issue. This gives our carrier information on the signal received by the line connected to the modem.

You will need to get the customer to login to the modem and verify the modem level

Are the speeds bad at all times or certain hours

Slow speeds are most likely to happen during evenings and weekends due to network congestion and this is normal for cable internet customers. Until physical upgrades are done in their local networks there is little we can do to address congestion related slow speeds.

How long has this issue been occurring for

Sometimes it could be a recent program that was just installed that is causing slow speeds. It has also been documented that many slow speed problems happen between August and September in areas where students return to school and start using internet again.

Tried speed test in another web browser

Web browsers can have extensions, toolbars and other add-ons or peculiarities that can cause speedtests to be erroneous (some of them can be malware, slow down the computer or otherwise). Trying another browser is an attempt to isolate these kinds of issues if that is the case.

The customer should be consulted to see if Internet Explorer 6 or above is available or Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome is typically excluded due to known compatibility issues.

Which browser (provide results for each)

Specific browsers are requested to see if an updated version is used and to compare the results across the browsers. Knowing the details of the attempts can also provide insight into a pattern or otherwise while comparing to the speedtest batch file text file results.

Include the browser name and version with Download Speed, Upload Speed and Ping completed.

Which specific sites is the customer experiencing slowness on

Customers sometimes explain slow speeds to certain websites not realizing that the location is geographically far and some higher bandwidth services may not be possible. Other occurrences may take place (but are rare) where certain websites may not be routing correctly or have some other navigational related issue but are geographically near.

Please obtain all relevant information related to the websites customers are attempting to reach. Traceroute examples should be provided to the website the issue to streamline diagnosis and resolution for the issue.

Results of computer in Safe Mode with networking

This will remove background programs from operating. de-activate firewalls, anti-virus and other interfering 3rd party software to test the connection and see if it is still slow. The steps below may also be completed in this mode to see if problem also exists.

Start computer in Safe Mode with networking support, F8 (Windows only) - Ask customer to reboot computer and press F8 at repeated intervals until black screen showing safe mode options is display. Have customer use arrow keys on keyboard highlight "Safe mode with networking support" and hit Enter.

In Mac OS, while computer is rebooting ask customer to hold the shift key on the keyboard until the dark gray Mac Apple symbol shows on the boot screen. It will take a bit of time to load up (diagnostic checks), at the login screen above the username in red "Safe Mode" will be shown. Customer then logs in.

Computer Information

Open up the command prompt by clicking on "Start" and then "Run" (on Windows XP) or just typing in the start search box (Windows Vista or 7) "cmd". Once the black command prompt window is open, in the field, type "ipconfig /all".

PC Physical Address

The carrier wants this information so they can determine which device is trying to obtain an IP address through the modem and see if this device could be the culprit in the slow speeds issue.


In order to run proper ping tests and tracerts to the customer's connection, a current valid IP address must be obtained.

Subnet Mask

This information is not directly relevant to most troubleshooting, but is used to identify what part of a block of addresses a customer is on.

Default Gateway

This address represents where the computer will send it's requests if it has no route to them locally. It should be similar to the IP Address.

DNS Servers

This entry lists the DNS servers used by the customer's computer, if these are invalid, it can cause all kinds of issues.

Ping customer's IP

Ping allows us to verify if network data packets are being distributed to an address without errors. The ping utility is commonly used to check for network errors.

From your workstation, click "Run" from the start menu and type "cmd" then hit enter. From here type in "ping -n 50" followed by the customer's IP Address (ex: "ping -n 50"). Once the command has run, right click your DOS and click "Mark" then highlight all of the results portion (see image below). Once highlighted, copy and paste the information into your Distributel ticket.

Your highlighted text should appear as:

Speed Tests

Send the speedtest to the customers email.

English version:


French version:


For Macintosh:

Modem Light Status

Whenever you are escalating an issue for cable, always include the light status for the modem. This light status can confirm the issue or indicate what the issue is. Refer to the appropriate light status guide: Motorola SB510X or DCM425.

Motorola Surfboard









PC Link:

Cable Link:

Cable Activity:


DCM475 / MTU130U






Modem Information




If this information is incorrect, it's possible the customer is not connecting on the proper profile or other issues.

Confirmed with the customer and compared against DAS and the Reseller portal.

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