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Bellow you will find answers to common Voip questions. These answers affect 90% of issues with the voip service. We will be updating this often.

Problem: Phone does not ring but goes straight to VOICEMAIL ( But is registered )

Generally it is a nat issue. The solution is to do the following :

1. Go into the VOICE / Advanced / Line 1 or 2 ( whichever is configured ) and enable NAT " YES ".
2. In the router, setup DMZ for the ip address of the ATA ( first set static ip to the ata in your dhcp settings )

The likely reason this occurs is because the required ports of communication are not open via the router. Sometimes the router works well for a few moments but after some time the timeout occurs and you have to reboot your ATA again. By using DMZ to the ATA ip it will resolve your issue permanently.

Accessing your ATA is fairly easy. Plug a computer to the Ethernet port and go to 192.168.X.X ( X being the ip of your adapter ). Check with the manual that came with it in order to see what the default is. Could be or 1.1 or 2.1, etc. The manual is the best place to look. If you do not have it, check google for a copy.

Problem: Can't register to voip server or access the panel.

Answer : this is likely do to the fact that your IP is blocked. This occurs because of incorrect data being sent to the server. Customers may have configured line 1 and line 2 but on one of them not have the correct setting. After a # of attempts the server
will block the IP address bringing down 2 lines. Do not setup the VOIP settings on both
line 1 and line 2. Disable one of them and make sure the settings are correct.
Then E-mail support with your ip ( get it from ) and we will unblock the system. If there is nothing else wrong, your phone should begin working correctly.

Problem: Customer says they can't receive or make calls. They get a busy tone but the service is registered.

Answer : Generally this is a codec issue so please make sure your ATA is set to use Ulaw

Problem: customer says they get a busy tone after they try to dial anything on the phone.

Answer: This is likely due to a bad dialplan.
The correct one is : *123|1xxxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|011xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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