SmartRG 505N: Modem Setup(Bridged)
Posted by George Chu on 30 January 2015 10:13 PM

***A separate stand alone router is require for bridged mode***

1)      Reset the modem to factory default condition by holding the reset button on the back of the unit for about 30s.

2)      Open a web browser on your computer (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and go to the address

3)      Click on the "Advanced Configuration" link located in the top right corner of the screen.

4)      You will now be prompted to enter a username and password, by default these are as follows:
User Name: admin
Password: admin

5)      remove the PPPoE VDSL WAN service:

Click Advanced,  WAN service,  "Remove" check box and "Remove" button.

6)      Add a new Bridged WAN service:

Click the Add button:

WAN Service Interface Configuration

Select a layer 2 interface for this service

Note: For ATM interface, the descriptor string is (portId_vpi_vci)

For PTM interface, the decriptor string is (portId-high_low)

Where portId=0 --> DSL Latency PATH0

          portId=1 - -> DSL Latency PATH1

          portId=4 - -> DSL Latency PATH0&1

          low =0 - -> Low PTM Priority not set

          low =1 - -> Low PTM Priority set

          high =0 - -> High PTM Priority not set

          high =1 - -> High PTM Priority set


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  • Ensure that the drop down box on this page is set to the available ptm interface. It should default to this setting. The example above shows ptm0/(4_1_1) but this may vary.
  • The WAN service Configuration page should now be displayed on your screen:


  • Select Bridging for the WAN service type
  • Set the 802.1P Priority to 1
  • Set the 802.1Q VLAN ID to 35
  • Leave everything else at it's default setting and click next.
  • The WAN Setup - Summary page should now display, verify that the settings are correct and click "Apply/Save"

7) Your Smart RG 505n modem is now bridged!  Please setup your third party router to perform the required PPPoE connection.

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